Dear Members and Friends,


     As members of the church council, we feel it is imperative that we bring to everyone’s attention our concerns of the Church’s financial




     For some time our congregation’s regular offerings have consistently not matched our expenditures. In particular, heat and utility bills have risen substantially in the last two years. Fortunately, the money our church received through special financial gifts many of you gave during the pandemic and the Payroll Protection Relief Programs covered much of this shortfall. However now, much of this money is gone.


     As council members we can only control spending, we can’t control income. We cut every expense we can. Money is used only to cover fixed and necessary expenses. We do not approve spending simply because it is in the budget. We authorize spending when we have a reasonable certainty that the actual money is or will be there.


     We are writing to ask for your help. Here are some ways you can support your church and help us overcome our current financial challenge:


*Make a one-time special gift designated to Our Saviour’s General Fund


*Increase your regular offering to Our Saviour’s


*Enroll in the Simply Giving program where your offering is regularly deducted electronically from a savings or checking account of your choice. The pastor and many members currently do this.


*Make a contribution to Our Saviour’s with your credit card on our website (points anyone?) Just click on the give button on the top menu and follow the prompts.


     We invite you to ask yourself, “What does God want me to do to help address our financial difficulties?” We ask that you make a onetime offering toward healing our finances by Sunday November 13.      


     On this day we will have a dedication of the offerings we have received. Also enclosed is an enrollment form for our Simply Giving program This may be an excellent time for you to ...consider having your offerings directly debited from your savings or checking account at an interval you can set, change or cancel any time. This means you are supporting your church whether you are at home or away.


     Our Saviour’s is a vibrant Christian witness in Whitehall that impacts people around the world. We are writing this letter the day after our Harvest Dinner, where so many of you put your shoulder to the wheel and volunteered to make the event not only successful, but also fun. Last Sunday we also dedicated Mission kits and school supplies that will help children and families in the developing world. These are just a few of the many ways our church impacts peoples’ lives. Our Saviour’s welcomes all people to know the love of Jesus through regular worship and special activities that we hold in our building. We financially support our Tanzanian missionaries, Dr. Steve and Bethany Friberg to share Christ’s love with people beyond our local community. We want to thank you for your past support and dedication to the ministry of Our Saviour’s. We also ask as you consider your giving for the remainder of the year, and to give generously if you are able.


Sincerely,                                                        Sincerely,


Pastor Peter Jonas                                         Mr. David Anderson, Council President




Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church Council:


Marnie Anderson                               Kris Dubiel                              Ellen Hauser                          


Clarice Laehn                                      Steve Lamborson                   Donna Lindberg        


Barbara Mathson                               Kay Nelson    


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